In 1991, Geneva Chinese School was founded by Chinese international staff of the United Nations and various international organisations. The school is officially registered as “Association of Chinese Schools in Geneva" in 1993. As a non-political, non-religious and non-profit organisation, the school is committed to serving Chinese children living in the Geneva area and local friends who love the Chinese culture.

The school currently has 230 existing students and 18 teachers. All teachers are qualified with advance level of Chinese educations and are equipped with rich teaching experiences.

After more than two decades of exploration and hard work, the teaching management of the Chinese schools is on the right track. The Chinese School Association is a five-member management committee composed of parents and teachers who are responsible for managing the school's various responsibilities and commitments. In 2013, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council was awarded the third batch of "Overseas Chinese Education Model Schools" in the world and became Switzerland's first “Overseas Chinese Education Model School”. It has also become the first choice of school for Chinese ethnic children and adults studying Chinese in the Geneva and neighbouring French regions.

Our Chinese teaching is based on the Chinese language teaching program of the People‘s Education Press to promote Putonghua, the simplified form of Chinese characters, and to disseminate the Chinese culture. We provide an interactive teaching method for primary/ secondary school students and adults to engage in learning and understanding the language.  Our main goal is for students to obtain a certain degree of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. In recent years, in order to tie in with Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), the school offers tutoring classes to help students participate and excel in the exam. So far, a number of our participating students have successfully passed the HSK Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Chinese Proficiency Tests and many students have successfully completed the basic Chinese learning in our school.

Our students have participated and performed well in the "Chinese Bridge" competition for Swiss high school students on various occasions. In 2017, EDMONDS CLARA ELISABETH ASKGAARD won the championship for a perfect performance and she went on to represent Switzerland in China in the "Global Chinese Bridge for Middle School Students” competition, winning the coveted Excellent Award.

One of the key commitments of the School’s management team is to build a strong relationship with the parents and families in the community. Sensitive to many parents’ experience of having to wait long hours during their children's classes, the school has rented sports venues in tandem to classrooms. Parents can now practice sport while our students learn.  Both benefit in different ways.

To celebrate Chinese Spring Festival, the school holds the Spring Festival party annually. During this event, students demonstrate their progress in Chinese culture over the past year by singing Chinese songs, dancing to Chinese choreography, and performing Chinese folk art, etc. At the same time, students will also receive auspicious red envelopes from the school to signify the school’s blessing and best wishes of good health and learning progress for the students. The Spring Festival Gala is not only an event for the teachers and students of the school, but it is also a day for the Chinese and Overseas Chinese community from all over the world residing in Geneva to celebrate the new year. The banner of the event is, “Compatriots and local friends, join hand in hand, to celebrate our culture, festivals and heritage together”.

Overseas Chinese youth "root-seeking trip" summer camp has been implemented in our school for many years, and is deeply loved by our students and parents. The free tours, formal management and organization have also attracted many Chinese students of all ages, from other regions of Switzerland. We would like to welcome you in joining us to learn the Chinese language and its culture in its rapidly evolving environment, our motherland.

After twenty years of hard work, we are now a big tree, fruitful, with fragrant peaches and plums. These achievements are result of the diligence of the students, the hard work of the teachers, the parents' support and supervision, and the great help of different communities.

Let us continue to work together in our efforts for the future development and growth of our Geneva Chinese school.

Learn Chinese; please come to Geneva Chinese School!

Course schedule

Every Wednesday : 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Every Friday : 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Place : Cycle de Sécheron. See on Google Map
Avenue Blanc 1, 1202 Genève, Suisse